Caliber Security provides a variety of services to help organizations transition past their barriers to growth, protect their business and assets, and recover and remediate after a breach or data loss. What sets us apart is not what we do, but rather how we do it. 

Flexible Service Offering

We are a full-service information security company that can execute a variety of tactical deliverables, but what makes us better and different is that we have the flexibility to allow for you to use internal or external resources to deliver tactical elements. We don’t force you to use our people every step of the way, which means you can use your own resources for any of the deliverables. We’re part of your organization, on your terms, and in whatever capacity you choose.

Focus on Relationships and the Future

At Caliber, we have very high repeat business, with customers coming back to us year after year. We value long-term partnerships over one-time sales, which is why we structured Caliber to be customer-centric. We focus on offering solutions that are adaptable to fit our customers’ specific needs and industry, and, because we place such a high value on helping people, you have our attention, even when you aren’t currently paying for it. We also see the value in continuity. That’s why we have named resources that stick with you from scoping the project all the way to final deliverables. We never switch out our experienced staff for junior team members when it comes time to do the actual work. Our return clients always have someone who understands their business and particular needs. Already knowing all the details from previous work means we have more time to focus on greater details in the project.

Quality and Trust 

Caliber is built to be a full-service information security company, with a wide range of security services for clients with varying levels of security maturity. Our approach goes beyond just using automated tools and processes, to also providing in-depth manual reviews and services. We are not a company with a cheap price that just presses a scan button and delivers basic reports. Everything we do revolves around building a specialized solution that follows best practices. We are always going to seek out the opportunity to provide the best value of the money spent, focusing our efforts towards the things that make the most business sense for your company.

Speed of Delivery

For urgent information security projects, two people in two weeks seems to be the standard industry answer, but what that doesn’t count is the week or so it will take to even get a proposal, and maybe a couple weeks out before the project can be scheduled to start. Caliber is structured with speed and agility in mind because we know the industry needs faster turnaround. We don’t need long lead times, so we’re often ready to start before the customer is ready. We’ve done this enough to know how long a project takes and what resources it requires to complete. Typically, this means we can take significant time off how long a project takes to get started. We operate like a NASCAR pit crew. As soon as you’re ready, we’re there with the tools needed to quickly get the job done and get you back in the race.

Actionable and Relevant Reports

It’s not enough to simply answer questions. The answers also need to be clear, actionable, and actually useful to your organization. All too often in the information security industry, we see boilerplate reporting with a lot of copy and paste, and no clear direction on what to do to resolve identified vulnerabilities. Are all of the vulnerabilities equally important? How are you supposed to resolve them? And where should you begin? At Caliber, helping people is our number one priority. We interpret and prioritize the data to provide you with a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business. You can count on us to deliver actionable and relevant analysis and reporting, every time, on all of the services Caliber provides.

US-Based and Local Resources

We recognize that for some global companies, there may be data and privacy regulations with requirements for locally-based resources to deliver your information security needs. We can do that and, if needed, can guarantee in writing that everyone working on your project is based where you need them.

Caliber Service Matrix

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