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Caliber Service Matrix

Caliber Security Partners provides a variety of information security services to help organizations transition past their barriers to growth, protect their business and assets, and recover and remediate after a security data breach or loss. What sets our information security services apart from other industry service providers, is not only our extensive information security service portfolio, but rather how we provide outstanding support and quality solutions.
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Flexible Service Offering

We are a full-service information security company which executes a variety of tactical deliverables, as each of our clients have different requirements. We are proud to offer a “Flexible Service Offering” to our clients, where they have the flexibility to use internal and external resources to deliver tactical elements. Unlike some providers, we do allow our clients the choice and flexibility to select between Caliber Security Partners doing the work or a blended solution where we work in conjunction with our clients to get the work done.

You are in charge. Leverage your own staff and resources or rely on our information security consultants’ expertise. We’re part of your organization, on your terms, and in whatever capacity you choose.

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At Caliber, we receive exceptional repeat business, with customers coming back to us year after year. We value long-term partnerships over one-time sales, which is why we structured Caliber to be customer-centric. We focus on offering solutions that are adaptable to fit our customers’ specific needs and industry. We also see the value in continuity. We have named resources that remain with you from scoping the project to final deliverables. We never substitute our experienced information security consultants with junior team members when it comes time to do the actual work. Our return clients always have someone who understands their business and specific needs. Already knowing all the details from previous work means we have more time to focus on greater details in the project.

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Caliber Security Partners is built to be a full-service information security company, with a wide range of security services for clients with varying levels of information security maturity. Our approach goes beyond using automated tools and processes, to also providing in-depth manual reviews and services. We are not a company with a cheap price that presses a scan button to deliver basic reports. Everything we do revolves around building a specialized information security solution that follows best practices. We always seek an opportunity to provide the best value for the money spent, focusing our efforts towards information security solutions that make the most business sense for your company.

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What is the timeframe to complete an urgent information security project? Caliber is structured with speed and agility in mind because we know the industry needs and expects faster turnaround. Our engineering and consulting teams do not require long lead times, so we are often fully prepared to begin the project before the customer is ready to begin. We’ve done this enough to know how long a project takes and what resources it requires to complete. 

Our information security consultants will prepare a customized proposal with a realistic project plan and start date. Not only can we start as soon as we are needed, we take special care to ensure projects are kept on track and are completed by any important deadlines. Our approach saves our customers dollars on the bottom line and gets projects done on time.

Consider Caliber Security Partners to be the “NASCAR pit crew” of information security companies. We are ready and waiting with the right tools and proven processes to get the job started quickly, providing the needed services effeciently and precisely, and then getting out of your way to let you go win the race. We don’t miss a beat!



Tired of receiving the generic, “boilerplate” report? It resembles a “copy and paste” scenario with no clear direction on how issues will be resolved. The spectrum of vulnerable issues is not created equal. How can an organization successfully prioritize and resolve them? And which issues should be addressed immediately? 

At Caliber, our reports are not standard, template reports. It’s not enough to simply find network vulnerabilities or identify compliance concerns. Our team of information security consultants respond with clear, actionable, and useful recommendations directed toward your organizational objectives. 

We interpret and prioritize the data to provide you with a roadmap to resolving issues. Our roadmap to resolution brings value to your specific business. Count on Caliber, to deliver actionable and relevant analysis and reporting, every time.

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United States Based and Local Resources

We Are a National Team 

We recognize that for some global companies, there may be data and privacy regulations with requirements for locally-based resources to deliver your information security needs. We can do that and, if needed, can guarantee in writing that everyone working on your project is based where you need them.

Caliber Service Matrix