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Your Guide Through Information Security

with Actionable Solutions for Your Needs

asset protection

Protect Your Business & Secure Your Assets

Network/App Vulnerability Scanning
Network/App Penetration Testing
App & Mobile Structured Assessment
Social Engineering & Phishing Testing
Annual Security Training & Awareness
Focused technical remediation
business growth

Transitions & Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Audit Prep & Tabletop Testing
Virtual Chief InfoSec Officer "vCISO"
Virtual Data Privacy Officer "vDPO"
Multi-Domain Compliance Mapping
Supply Chain & Vendor Security


Among our most valuable differentiators are our actionable and relevant reports. We interpret and prioritize findings to provide a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business.

Our Services

Network & Systems

From strategy to testing, Caliber Security is your best choice for network and system security. Beyond simply doing quality work, we differentiate ourselves through actionable and relevant reports and technical deliverables. In work that frequently produces large volumes of data, we interpret and prioritize key information based on what you need, rather than how it comes out of the tools. We use this to tackle critical issues faster, or to create a roadmap for resolving more complex situations and dependencies in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business.

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data compliance

Compliance & Data Governance

Organizations may be subject to security and privacy regulations based on their industry, the data they handle, operating locale, or other reasons — or contractually obligated to meet certain standards as a part of their business.  Whether you need a formal audit or self-assessment, you’ll need some way to show compliance.   Our experts can help prepare you for what might seem like hard challenges and high risk, and turn the experience into a structured and predictable process, this year and next.

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Application, Mobile and Cloud Security

Caliber Security has deep experience in application security, across a wide range from mobile and web applications hosted on cloud platforms, to traditional client-server systems in datacenter or hybrid infrastructures.  Our broad experience across the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS landscape is enhanced by our focus on actionable and relevant reporting, and good communications to provide the most value to your specific business.

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cloud computing concept

Strategy & Governance

Understanding how governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirements for interrelate in your organization is essential, to an effective security program that doesn’t break the bank. Our consultants can help navigate the complexity of a new security program, updating to meet business changes, or handling unexpected events. Whether it’s creating a program and roadmap for a new CISO, revising policies and procedures to meet new regulations, or integrating risk management with compliance, we can help. 

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 At Caliber, we recognize that business happens in motion; it’s a rare for work to be stopped for a project.  Our services include working with dynamic conditions, with teams that are constantly in flux, with networks and services that must remain available, and integrating operational improvements in processes and technology without interruption. We believe in practical real-world solutions, and work to provide you with valuable and relevant results.

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business meeting

Staff Augmentation and Training

Caliber recognizes that organizations sometimes don’t have the right skills or experience to complete a deliverable, might not have the capacity or budget for a full-time employee, or only need resources for a fixed duration.  Whether you need a technical specialist to address a specific security problem, a diligent security admin to augment your existing security operations team, a lead with knowledge of several interrelated areas, or a virtual CISO to bridge the technical and business worlds, Caliber can provide the security “Subject Matter Expert” (SME) you want – or train yours to meet the challenges

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Growth & Exits

Is your company growing by acquisition, or contemplating a merger? Caliber Security can help you assess the risk and compliance situation before committing, and to standardize processes and security technology afterward. Our structured assessments are based on recognized standards and industry-specific experience, can help with baselines in an ever-changing world. Our team of consultants possess in-depth experience with organizational growth, mergers, acquisitions, and shutdowns, and speak the language and metrics that are meaningful to finance and larger executives.

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mergers and acquisitions
continuity recovery

Continuity & Recovery

Caliber Security recognizes that effective Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) practices are built around a practical mix of prevention, mitigation, and recovery planning. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to find the right balance for our customers – from policy and planning, to tabletop testing and live responses – so you can best maintain uninterrupted business operations. 

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Caliber Security provides a variety of services to help organizations transition past their barriers to growth, protect their business and assets, and recover and remediate after a breach or data loss. Our flexible offerings mean we work with you to develop your best solution.


Our security experts have worked in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology. We understand the specific needs and requirements faced by companies, and we are here to help you.


Caliber Security was founded on the belief that helping people should be the top goal for any organization. That’s why we work so hard to provide clients with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

US-Based and Local Resources

At Caliber Security, we recognize that many global organizations may realize both data and privacy compliance requirements at the regional government level as well as local levels. We have teams who can deliver information security consulting at all levels and in your location.

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