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Strategy & Governance

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Strategy & Governance

Information Security GRC

Whether you’re seeking compliance with governmental standards or trying to protect against potential threats, Caliber Security Partners is an expert in managing “Strategy & Governance”. We work to fully understand your company and specific governance, risk and compliance needs, and use this information to develop plans and solutions that meet your goals and provide the most business value.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Advising and Roadmap

“It is important to understand the needs of your organization’s “”Governance, Risk, and Compliance”” (GRC) when it comes to information security. If an inexperienced, information security team or company attempts to build a detailed roadmap for your organization, and realizes they have underestimated the complexity of the project, it may require an additional 12 months to complete.
Organizations that are forced to wait until a new governance, risk and compliance plan is built, have now entered into the dangerous phase of accelerated exposure to high level risk because valuable time is being dedicated to the original planning phase, versus production to resolve vulnerabilities.”

For “Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Roadmap” projects, bringing on an experienced partner like Caliber at the beginning of the project, will provide your organization with a detailed plan, with customized segments in a very short period of time. This will not only provide a more robust plan, but will also allow for execution of the strategy to go into play in a much shorter period of time. Caliber’s roadmap report will outline the GRC consultants, resources and manpower required to cover the different areas of governance required within the company including: assigned roles required for the information security team, job description, and reporting structures.

For “Risk Management”, our governance, risk and compliance consultants produce a security risk management report which includes the complete scope of risk for the organization, including the level of risk the company is willing to accept in the different areas of governance. At Caliber, our information risk register services are strategic and comprehensive. The detailed information security compliance needs of the organization are also included in the roadmap, with a clear understanding of the compliance “outlining framework” which forms the foundation to be adhered to, and an actionable plan of how to maintain compliance and in the clear, for the future.

Security Information Policy, Compliance, and Business Enablers

Organizations are continually expanding toward upholding a tight, uniform, and compliant operation. Your company would not want to lose a business opportunity because you cannot guarantee that information security measures, policies, and compliance are in place to safeguard data! If you are conducting business with large enterprises, information security compliance with standards such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), International Organization for Standards (ISO), and Federal Risk and Management Program (FEDRAMP) are a must and generally contractually required. At Caliber, our information security compliance consultants support your organization by providing a detailed information security plan that will align your network in compliance plus frameworks that position your organization as a viable business partner.

Our new project planning consists of reviewing your existing policies, compliance requirements, procedures, and technology.  Our governance, risk and compliance consultants gain knowledge of your company to better understand documented processes and confirm automated processes in these areas.  Our information security compliance consultants are then equipped to build a plan upon the existing circumstances and map the additional new rules that are required.

Strategy and governance are big, but not complicated. Building a new or revised policy and compliance plan can be a big project. It is important that it is managed properly.  We approach these information security compliance projects without adding unnecessary complexity. Our smaller, but agile focused consulting team has proven to be a better approach to deliver outstanding results.  Excessive information security staff assigned to one project may increase communication challenges, and complicates the process.  This leads to more hours required and project delays.  At Caliber, the goal of our governance, risk and compliance consultants is to perform with agility to receive positive results, without complicating the process.

Security Threat Modeling and Risk Register Services

“Security Threat Modeling and Risk Register” evaluations are both a part of risk management for your organization. “Security Threat Modeling” consultation is the process to determine which external factors will negatively affect your information security, and assign a “level of threat” value. Many organizations are unaware of the damaging consequences related to internal and external network threats. At Caliber, our dedicated security threat modeling consultant team will develop a quality and quantitative measure to each internal or external threat entity. This valuable information allows your staff to deploy resources in the right areas to eliminate potential information security threats. “Information Risk Register” analysis evaluates an organization’s “hardware assets” to verify explicit functions and capabilities as well as the lack of critical functions as it relates to information security risk. “Risk Register” consultation and analysis is important for medical devices, banking transaction hardware, or other devices that contain information that should be protected. At Caliber, our information risk register consultants excel in this capacity! Our information risk register consultants have successfully evaluated basic devices, to large scale projects to defend against nation-state threats.

Core Policies and Due Care Management

Companies building their governance, risk and compliance practices need to understand not only what data they control or process, but how best to protect it — and how to prove to clients and assessors that they do so. Setting and refining the company’s high-level policies, as well as the ground-level controls that implement those information security core policies, is a crucial step showing that your organization has taken due care to understand and manage risks, and to protect sensitive and confidential data.

At Caliber, our governance, risk and compliance consultants have vast and varied experience in designing and implementing core policies, as well as the deep experience necessary to understand how current and proposed controls will hew to those policies. We have deep experience with standards and guidelines covering multiple industries, and our information security compliance consultants have guided many firms through the process of turning control objectives into standards-mappable controls and practices.

Caliber Service Matrix