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Strategy and & Governance - Information Security GRC

Whether you’re seeking compliance with governmental standards or trying to protect against potential threats, Caliber Security Partners is an expert Strategy & Governance. We work to fully understand your company and specific needs, and use this information to develop plans and solutions that meet your goals and provide the most business value.

GRC Advising & Roadmap

It is important to understand the needs of your organization’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance when it comes to information security. Some companies might try to build a detailed roadmap on their own, realizing that the project is much more complex then what they realized, and that it could take a full year to complete. During that lengthy time period to build the plan, the company takes on more risk because precious time is being extended out on planning, versus shoring up vulnerabilities. Bringing on an experienced partner like Caliber at the beginning of a GRC Roadmap project, can help you get a detailed plan laid out in very short period of time. This will not only provide a more robust plan, but will also allow for execution of the strategy to go into play in a much shorter period of time.

Caliber’s roadmap report will outline the resources and manpower required to cover the different areas of governance required within the company. Roles required for the information security team, job description, and reporting structures are also typically included. For risk management, the report includes the complete scope of risk for the organization, along with the level of risk the company is willing to accept in the different area of governance. Detailed compliance needs of the organization is also included in the roadmap, with a clear understanding of all of the compliance frameworks that need to be followed, and an actionable plan of how to keep the company in compliance and out of trouble.

Policy, Compliance, and Business Enablers

Your organization just got a new opportunity and, in order to move forward, you need to have security measures, policies, and compliance in place to safeguard data. If you’re doing business with large enterprises, compliance with standards like NIST, HIPAA, ISO, and FEDRAMP are a must have, and sometimes even contractually required. Let us help you create a detailed information security plan that will put you in compliance with the frameworks that will make you a viable business partner for many organizations.

When we start your project, we go in and look at your existing policies, compliance requirements, procedures, and technology.  We get to know your company to gain a better understanding of what is documented and what is automated in these areas.  This allows us to build a plan inclusive of what you have already in place and map that with the new rules required.

Big, but not Complicated
Building a policy and compliance plan can be a big project, and because of this it’s important that it’s managed properly.  We approach these projects without adding too much complexity. By keeping a smaller, focused agile team has proven to be a better approach to deliver outstanding results.  All too often we have seen other companies get too many people involved in this type of work which add communication challenges, and complicates the process.  This leads to more hours required and project delays.  At Caliber, we use agility to get it done the right way without complicating the process.

Threat Modeling, Risk Register

Threat Modeling and Risk Register are both part of risk management for your organization.

Threat modeling is the process to help determine what external actors can do to your information security, and identifying a threat level for what could happen. What can they do to me? Or what do I have to recognize as practical risk from external threats? What Caliber can do is to put a quality and qualitative measure around the things that can happen from external entities. This will then allow you to deploy resources in the right areas to help shore up potential threats.

Information Risk Register is explicitly things your hardware assets can do or can happen to your assets, in regards to information security. Risk Register is important for medical devices, banking transaction hardware, or other devices that contain information that needs to be protected. Caliber has a lot of experience in this area, from basic devices, to large scale projects to defend against nation-state threats.

Caliber Service Matrix

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