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IT Staff Augmentation

With years of experience in Information Security and a large networking pool, Caliber has the resources and expertise to quickly provide assistance with Staffing & Training. We also recognize that for some global companies, there may be data and privacy regulations with requirements for locally-based resources to deliver your information security needs. We can do that and, if needed, can guarantee in writing that everyone working on your project is based where you need them.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) & Staff Augmentation

Caliber’s SME and staff augmentation services provide short to long-term staffing to strengthen your team with information security expertise or specific, targeted skills.  We can help meet your staffing needs if you don’t have the experience on your team to complete a deliverable, don’t have the manpower, the capacity, or just don’t have the budget for a full-time employee.  We have extremely experienced people, with very deep knowledge in a variety of information security areas.

Our junior staff can assist with day-to-day operational tasks to implement your information security program, while our senior staff provide leadership in the strategy, operations, and roadmap for your information security needs.

A Couple Days vs. a Couple Weeks
We’re not going to guarantee to our clients that we’re going to find somebody in 24 hours for them, but our response is typically a couple of days rather than the industry norm of a couple of weeks.  It’s our wide network of connections in the industry and long-term relationships that speeds up the interview process, to find the right candidates for you, in a very short period of time.  This is what makes us different from a lot of other staff augmentation options, most are too broad and too general, and don’t take the time to develop long term relationships with the staff.  We can provide you with the subject matter expertise and talent that your organization needs, to get you up and running quickly and for as long as you need it.

Virtual CISO Services

As part of our staff augmentation services, we can provide you with a Virtual CISO and make a top-tier security analyst available to your organization for security expertise and guidance.  A Virtual CISO has the specialized technical knowledge and corporate governance experience to help build a strong cyber security foundation, and also has the agility to prevent, detect, and mitigate evolving threats.

We have a strong network of Virtual CISO candidates you can choose from that have served a broad range of industries and who know the challenges that businesses like yours face.  With their decades of experience, they can build information security programs that work with your business objectives, to show measurable improvements to your information security program.

Best of all we can leverage our wide network of connections to fill a Virtual CISO role in a very short period of time.  We’ve got the network, we’ve got the relationships, and that’s why we can provide a seasoned professional within just a few days.

Information Security Training & Awareness

If your company has to follow regulations such as ISO or NIST, or is subject to HIPAA or PCI, one way or another, your organization is required to do annual security and privacy training. Whether you are just looking to check a compliance box or change the culture of your organization, Caliber can provide you the tools you need to reach your training goals. We can provide an assessment of staff awareness, phishing simulations, and core security awareness training to get your staff up to speed and meet your compliance requirements.

Our approach to training is not to make the coursework insanely boring. Our training is full of engaging stories that are intentionally designed to make people laugh and have fun. It’s educating and partly entertainment, which leads to attendees actually paying attention to the coursework. This approach leads to higher content retention, higher test scores, and, ultimately, staff that perform better in real-world security events.

Secure Development Training

A company’s primary goal for new software engineers is to transition them from onboarding to producing code as quickly as possible. New hires (often recent graduates) may be trained in computer logic, writing data structures, and parallel computing, however, most don’t have the experience to develop secure code. Because these new grads are missing these critical programming skills, it can often cost an organization thousands of dollars in patching their unsecured code. Additionally, it’s important to consider the cost of lost business due to poorly written code.

Caliber excels at Secure Development Training by having a superstar trainer that can get your new hires up to speed quickly, or even raise the bar for your entire software engineering team. We can also integrate our Secure Development Training with the rest of our services, which will make it consistent with policy and network operations, and other assessments for streamlined efficiency on future projects.

Secure Operations Training

System administrators and network administrators need training on how to configure and deploy computers in a secure manner. Many times, system admins don’t fully understand what it is that security professionals want them to do. Caliber’s Secure Operations Training gives systems administrators the tools and techniques to identify potentially malicious activity on their systems, and teaches them how to look deeper to determine whether the problems they see are real. We tie the training to practical risk and to what they will have to actually deal with in the field, such as data loss, recovery remediation, and incident response, rather than just theoretical knowledge.

Caliber Service Matrix

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