Caliber Service Matrix

Cyber Security Monitoring Operations

Caliber Security Partners excels in working with people and the operational side of businesses. It’s typical for companies to run scenarios that are drawn from very common risks. Caliber goes beyond this to also cover practical real risks, developed from the output of threat modeling and risk register. We believe in doing more than checking items off a list, we work to provide you with valuable and relevant results.

Our services include:

Social Engineering & Phishing

Social engineering is a penetration test against people within an organization.  It provides a true assessment of an organization’s security training and awareness practices. By performing social engineering assessments of your organization, Caliber is able to establish a baseline security posture and make recommendations for modifying and developing stronger policies and procedures.

Caliber can provide three different levels of social engineering threat modeling based on your security needs: low, medium, or high risk.  All of our social engineering is done in adherence to ethical guidelines.  The output of our threat modeling is an actionable and relevant report that will provide you with a roadmap to develop better security procedures.  Our reports contain security metrics from social engineering that are consistent, and reusable.  For us, it’s not good enough to simply do a pass/fail social engineering test, which does not have an actionable output of the process.  We like to look at pass/fail rates as percentages, as opposed to just saying you failed and proving to you that we can break your security.  We also adhere to the standards of non-attribution, where we want to help fix the process and educate employees, not blame the person who made a mistake. This methodology is why most of our clients find our social engineering service to be a little different and a lot better than what other companies do. 

Caliber Service Matrix

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