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Network Information Security

Security Services and Systems

From information security strategy to testing, Caliber Security is your best choice for working with “Networks & Systems”. One of our most valuable differentiators is our actionable and relevant reports. We interpret and prioritize the data to provide you with a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business.

Secure Architecture & Network

It is of utmost importance that your company selects a team of architectural engineers, who thoroughly examine and design your network and system architecture properly, especially, if your company holds significant amounts of data on multiple servers. It is critical to approve a layout plan that aligns with your company’s unique system and network. When planned correctly, our precise architecture provides your company with a “segmented” roadmap that enables your operational network to run efficiently. The roadmap will eliminate “unfavorable and complex disaster” events from propagating and creating larger challenges. At Caliber, the science lies in our information security knowledge, to identify which applications should be managed separately and how to deliver efficiently and effectively. At Caliber we support your company by taking a deep dive into your system to provide detailed network maps. We deliver a clear path to organize your data in a way that helps secure your network!

Network Structured Assessment

If you are in an industry that must meet information security compliance or regulation requirements such as International Standards Organization (ISO), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), or Payment Card Industry (PCI), you should always begin with a network structured assessment. Structured assessments are essential to organizations that need to verify data protection compliance. It also provides a good understanding of how your information security compliance requirements are aligned with your business needs.

Caliber’s “Network Structured Assessments” are very detailed and in-depth, compared to most information security industry assessments. What makes our assessments more valuable and stand out from other companies, is that we provide “clear, measurable and actionable” metrics in direct comparison to the requirements and risk level of your company’s needs. Your company’s regulatory compliance doesn’t have to be overwhelming…it needs to be executed right, the first time.

Network Vulnerability Scan & Review

Caliber’s “Vulnerability Network Scanning” service provides a moment-in-time view of the weaknesses in your organization’s system. The value in this service is that it identifies low-hanging fruit in order to effectively and rapidly mitigate your overall information security risk.  This assessment is targeted at computer systems, networking devices, or one or more particular programs and applications that are available across the network.  A network vulnerability scan is typically recommended on a quarterly to yearly basis, as it is a critical underpinning for any information security program.  Additionally, network vulnerability assessments and network penetration tests are required for some information security compliance standards such as Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI). While not required for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it is recommended as a best practice for healthcare organizations that interact with patient data.

The value in our network vulnerability scanning service is not the scan in and of itself, but rather the actionable relevant reports that we generate from the network vulnerability scan. These reports provide clear direction to your organization and present an actionable plan to eliminate exposed risks.  You can count on us to deliver clear, actionable, and relevant analysis and reporting, every time, for your network review. 

Network Penetration Testing

Caliber’s “Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing” identifies security weaknesses in your network and in the devices within the network. Our skilled penetration testing engineers thoroughly search to identify potential vulnerabilities such as improper security configurations, out of date software, missing patches, weak communication algorithms, command injection, and other similar network vulnerability items. For “Network and Infrastructure Penetration Tests” we often include the testing of firewalls, switches, virtual and physical servers, and workstations.

Penetration testing is a proactive way to discover exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems and networks. For internal and external penetration testing, it’s important to understand that basic automated testing is typically not sufficient to identify all of the major network vulnerabilities.

At Caliber, we help your organization gain a thorough understanding by using both automated and manual testing processes.  This allows us to go beyond basic testing and move into providing a more robust picture of your vulnerabilities. This information is compiled and presented to you in an actionable and relevant report that provides your organization a clear path on what to do to remediate issues, before an attacker is able to interrupt your business operations.

Caliber Service Matrix