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From strategy to testing, Caliber Security is your best choice for working with Mobile & Applications. One of our big differentiators is our actionable and relevant reports. We interpret and prioritize the data to provide you with a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business.

Cloud SaaS/PaaS Security

A lot of businesses have moved to cloud computing, where it offers new layers of automation and a better use of computing resources. Moving to the cloud offers many advantages, including productivity, scalability, and reduction in infrastructure expenditures. It is important to understand as you move your data and resources outside of your enterprise firewall, that there are information security risks that differ from your on-site challenges. When implementing SaaS or PaaS, an organization needs to pay close attention to the security trade-offs. This is true for data, as well as organizational compliance that may be of concern when application resources are separated from the underlying physical infrastructure. Most SaaS providers do provide assurance that they are taking steps to mitigate security risks, but if you are using the cloud, you shouldn’t just rely on others to protect your data. A full information security analysis may reveal some new policies and procedures you need to implement, or, at a minimum, get your staff up to speed on how to identify and respond to phishing campaigns and other threats.

Caliber can help you understand your cloud-based security needs, define and help implement new policies and procedures, or identify the data that might be best to be stored internally. Getting your information security in order can save your company potential loss of data and give you peace of mind knowing you are better protected.

App & Mobile Structured Assessment

Your information security journey should always begin with an assessment. An assessment will help distinguish what assets are most valuable to you and how to best protect them. Whether you have a robust security system in place or you have few protocols, you need to understand your applications and mobile apps for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Caliber works closely with your organization to identify threat levels based on your business needs, technology profile, and overall risk approach.

App & Mobile Vulnerability Scan & Review

We use scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities on your apps and mobile software.  The results of the vulnerability scans help inform you about known and potential vulnerabilities, so those weaknesses can be addressed and managed. 

What is most important about any app or mobile vulnerability scan is the interpretation of the output of the scanning results.  All too often in the information security industry we see boilerplate reporting with a lot of copy and paste, and no clear direction on what to do to resolve identified vulnerabilities.  Are all of the vulnerabilities equally important? How are you supposed to resolve them?  And where should you begin? We interpret and prioritize the data to provide you with a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business. You can count on us to deliver clear, actionable, analysis, and reporting for all of your apps security needs.

App & Mobile Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing (Pen test) is used to determine vulnerabilities in applications that process and/or store sensitive information.  This typically includes credit card data, personal identifiable information (PII), and other proprietary data. Our web application penetration testers seek to obtain access to gather sensitive information from your applications which we can then help you determine where risks associated with application vulnerabilities lie.

To fully test your apps, it’s important to know the difference between basic vulnerability testing and a high-skill attack simulation.  At Caliber, our testing methodology goes deeper than traditional penetration test companies, to provide you with a complete picture of your information security vulnerabilities. We also incorporate your company’s unique requirements and risk factors into our analysis to ensure the most effective testing and remediation recommendations.

Caliber Service Matrix

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