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Mobile and Application Security Services

From strategy to testing, Caliber Security is your best choice for working with “Applications, Mobile and Cloud Security” consultants. One of our most valuable differentiators is our actionable and relevant reports. We interpret and prioritize the data to provide you with a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business.

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Cloud “Software as a Service” (SaaS) Security | “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) Security | “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) Security

Many businesses have moved to cloud computing, where it offers new layers of automation with an increased efficiency of computing resources. Moving to the cloud offers many advantages, including productivity, scalability, and reduction in infrastructure expenditures. It is important to understand as your organization moves data and resources outside of the enterprise firewall, that there are information security risks that differ from the organizations on-site challenges. When implementing Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), an organization needs to pay close attention to the SaaS security, PaaS security or IaaS security trade-offs. 

This is true for data, as well as organizational information security compliance, that may be of concern when application resources are separated from the underlying physical infrastructure. Most software as a service (SaaS) security providers do provide assurance that they are taking steps to mitigate SaaS security risks; however, if your organization is using the cloud, it is not a good practice to rely on others to protect your data. A full information SaaS security, PaaS security or IaaS security analysis may reveal new cloud security policies and procedures that should be implemented, or, at a minimum, require your staff up to urgently identify and respond to phishing campaigns and other threats.

At Caliber, we understand your cloud-based security needs. We define and implement new policies and procedures, and identify the data that ideally should be stored internally. Strategically organizing and optimizing your organization’s network will save your company potential loss of data and give you peace of mind knowing you are better protected.

Cloud-hosted Data Applications Security

When it’s time to make the shift from on-premise data and application management to an external cloud hosting company, your company gains advantages — but also encounters new challenges in information security. The situation calls for thorough review and documentation of the provider’s cloud security posture and controls, along with staff awareness as to how to identify and respond to issues in the new normal.

Caliber mobile and web application security consultants use the most use-to-date cloud security technology, processes and tools to verify system and access-point security. We’re familiar with all of the major and many of the lesser-known cloud providers, and our tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) operate with full awareness of issues affecting those platforms. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Lack of adequate encryption -Missing or inadequate security updates (patching) -Compromised or improperly configured adm-level privileges
  • Issues concerning multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Promiscuous or otherwise improper login credentials and monitoring

At Caliber, we use both automated and manual tactics to verify and document the security posture of your cloud instance, and work with your team to understand how to proceed with the knowledge gained in that process.

Application, Mobile and Cloud Structured Assessment

An organization’s information security journey should always begin with an assessment.

A professional assessment managed by an expert engineer, will distinguish what assets are most valuable to your company and how to best protect these assets. Whether you have a robust information security system in place or complex protocol, it is important to understand the organization’s possible exposure to vulnerability and weaknesses within both traditional and mobile applications. At Caliber, our team of application security engineers works closely with your organization to identify threat levels based on your business needs, technology profile, and overall risk approach.

Mobile and Cloud Vulnerability Scan and Review

At Caliber, our team of mobile and web application engineers, utilize scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities within your organization’s traditional and mobile application software.  The results of the vulnerability scans will inform your staff on present and potential vulnerabilities, in order for the weaknesses to be addressed and managed. 

The most important objective to achieve, when conducting a web or mobile application vulnerability scan, is the interpretation of the data results. At Caliber, we excel in thoroughly, interpreting all data results. Your organization deserves detailed, customized reporting.

A standard, cut and paste “boilerplate” report with no clear direction, lacks credible review and analysis of your organization’s unique situation in order to resolve identified vulnerabilities.  Are all of the vulnerabilities equally important? How will these issues be resolved and when? We interpret and prioritize the data to provide your organization with a roadmap to resolving issues in a sensible, methodical way, to support value toward your specific business needs. You can count on us to deliver clear, actionable, analysis and reporting for all of your mobile and web application security needs.

Mobile and Cloud Application Penetration Testing

Mobile and web application penetration testing (Pen Test) is used to determine vulnerabilities in applications that process and/or store sensitive information.  This typically includes credit card data, personal identifiable information (PII), and other proprietary data. At Caliber, our team of mobile and web application security consultants, obtain access to your organization’s website applications to perform a complex battery of penetration tests. We gather sensitive information from your applications, determine where associated risks and vulnerabilities exist, and communicate all details to your staff.
“Ideally, an organization should only rely on comprehensive tests of your system applications. It’s important to understand the difference between basic vulnerability testing and a highly skilled, proficient, dissected simulation. 

At Caliber, our mobile and web application penetration testing methodology extends deeper than traditional penetration test companies.

We provide your organization with a picture of its information security vulnerabilities. We also incorporate your company’s unique requirements and risk factors into the analysis to maximize effective testing and remediation recommendations.”

Caliber Service Matrix