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Incident Response

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Cyber Security Incident Response

It’s something that every company dreads, but when facing a breach or data loss, Caliber Security is the team you want on your side. From analyzing root cause to the recovery of data and remediation, Caliber it there to get your organization back up and running securely.

Data & Compliance

Data Loss / Breach
So you have had a data breach.  The most important thing to do is to understand what caused the issue.  Caliber uses forensics to analyze traffic and determine the root cause of your event. This helps remove guesswork and problem reproduction from the equation. For data breaches, we start with the important step of capturing all traffic data, real time (24/7), on even the fastest links.  We then record the network and store all packets of data for post-incident and forensic analysis. This allows our trained experts to go through archived traffic to identify anomalies and signs of problems.  We report on the results of investigations as an actionable and relevant report, which clearly identifies network vulnerabilities that need to be shored up. Caliber gives you immediate access to the most detailed analytics available to get to the root cause of any breach issue.

Continuity & Recovery

Recovery and Remediation
Now that the root cause of your security breach has been identified and stopped, it is time for our remediation professionals to assess the damage and begin the cleaning process. We work with your crisis communications team and IT representatives to evaluate the extent of the damage, while always keeping accurate records of the findings. We then help your IT department assist in data recovery, with secure restoration from backups, and enable your company to return to critical business operations. Prioritization is the key in this process, as it’s important to focus on the more critical areas initially and then moving onto less essential areas until completing the process.  You can count on Caliber to get your organization back up and running efficiently and effectively after a data breach.

Caliber Service Matrix

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