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GRC Advising & Roadmaps

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GRC Advising & Roadmaps

It is important to understand the needs of your organization’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance when it comes to information security.  Some companies might try to build a detailed roadmap on their own, only to realize that the project is much more complex than anticipated, and that it could take a full year to complete. During that lengthy time period to build the plan, the company takes on more risk because precious time is being extended out on planning, instead of shoring up vulnerabilities.  Bringing on an experienced partner like Caliber Security Partners at the beginning of a GRC Roadmap project, will not only provide a more robust plan, but will also allow for execution of the strategy to go into play in a much shorter period of time.

Caliber’s Roadmap Reports outline:

  • The resources and manpower required to cover the different areas of governance required within the company
  • Roles required for the information security team (job descriptions, and reporting structures are also typically included) 
  • The complete scope of risk for the organization, along with the level of risk the company is willing to accept in the different areas of governance
  • The compliance needs of the organization, with a clear understanding of all of the compliance frameworks that need to be followed
  • An actionable plan of how to keep the company in compliance and out of trouble


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Why Choose Caliber

What makes us stand out is not what we do, but how we do it. Caliber Security Partners was created to be different; to deliver better solutions and provide long-term support for our clients. We rate our success by how much can we help our clients and how much added value we provide for their information security needs.

Over the years, we’ve delivered outstanding work to Fortune 500 clients, who resolutely choose us again year after year. Yet while we service some of the larger companies out there, we are still the perfect choice for businesses that don’t have giant budgets. We are flexible, pliable, and adaptive to different organizations and teams. We work closely with our clients to find solutions that meet their particular needs.