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Information Security Data and & Compliance

Caliber Security is highly skilled in classifying, managing, and protecting data. Our information security audit prep and compliance consultants are experts at preparing companies for privacy compliance audits, as well as dealing with potential data loss of fraud. Caliber is structured with speed and agility in mind. If issues exist, can you afford to wait? Time is of the essence.

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Audit Prep & Compliance Mapping

It’s a rare enterprise that looks forward to being audited. It’s the rarer one that can say with confidence where they stand on every information security policy and control applicable to their situation before the process starts — and that their controls are truly suited to both the environment and the relevant compliance regime(s).

At Caliber, our GRC-facing consultants have deep hands-on familiarity with not only the security audit prep and compliance process but with multiple compliance regimes, including HIPAA, ISO 27Kx, HiTRUST, SOC 2, CMMC, and so forth. Our security compliance consultants excel at understanding how regimes overlap and echo each other, which enables us both to assess your company’s audit posture and to identify where your current or proposed controls over- or under-serve their purpose. Caliber may not be able to make you actually look forward to an information security and compliance audit, but our process will help you address it smoothly and efficiently — and with an enhanced understanding of how your enterprise meets the spirit and the letter of relevant compliance regimes.
Right on Time, the First Time
“Failing a network compliance audit, only leads to additional or continual audits. It is wise, to be prepared the first time to eliminate future audit requests. At Caliber, we perform network audits thoroughly the first time and before the required due date!

Our security audit and compliance team will ensure your organization’s audit will not return to your desk, only to repeat the process again. This is why it is very important to hire a network professional who has demonstrated a strong, accurate audit track record. At Caliber, we protect your reputation so your organization isn’t facing potential penalty costs, risks of repeat visits and additional audits.”

Privacy Compliance and Data Protection Officer (DPO) Planning

As data privacy regulations proliferate around the world, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) have become newly indispensable at companies dealing with privacy compliance. DPOs must monitor internal security audits, elevate staff awareness and compliance with privacy requirements, and stay abreast of the fast-moving regulatory space.

Caliber can help you to develop the processes and structures necessary to successfully bring a DPO into your organization. We’ve supported both experienced and newly minted DPOs in developing actionable, scalable privacy compliance plans. As active members of the community, our privacy-facing consultants keep constant tabs on the tumultuous regulatory landscape worldwide. Our experiences across multiple industry sectors and state/national jurisdictions give us unparalleled insight into best practices at companies large and small, and we’ve helped numerous DPOs successfully integrate their skills and insights into the workplace.

Information Classification Asset Management

The first rule of information security is clear: If you don’t know what you’ve got, you can’t protect it. Knowing your assets — hardware, software, and data — and understanding their value, importance, and sensitivity is foundational to properly allocating resources to securing them. In theory, each department of your organization knows what’s in its orbit; however, when it’s time for an audit-, DPO-, or C-level view of the whole, getting the full picture can be remarkably difficult.

Caliber’s information-classification and asset-management consultants have tackled this situation at companies large and small for over a decade. We’ve developed a highly effective hierarchical approach to the problem, using an easy-to-implement assignment strategy to compile a clear, evidence-based snapshot of assets in specific functional areas or across the company. Our experts work with each client to further map their data into a functional, scalable inventory suitable for determining data protection requirements, critical (or unnecessary) controls, logging requirements, dataflow and data-archiving needs, resource allocation, custodian and owner appointment, and much more.

Data Loss and Breach Response and Forensics

Unfortunately for everyone involved, a security data breach isn’t just a single miserable moment in time. It’s crucial to determine not only what data has been affected, but how long the situation’s been in effect, how the attackers did it, and whether the vulnerabilities that made the security data loss or breach possible have been addressed.

In that situation, Caliber provides forensic clarity leveraging our security data loss and breach consultants. We’ll capture and analyze network traffic data and, in combination with archived traffic data (as available), forensically determine the nature, duration and scope of the compromise, and deliver actionable information on what must be done to ensure that all possible vulnerabilities have been addressed. Our analytics are detailed, and we document our findings carefully to ensure that your next steps can be the best steps possible.

For more information on our broader Response capabilities, please see “Incident Response Support” in our Continuity and Recovery section.

Fraud and Data Breach Detection Management

In the event of a breach or suspected breach resulting in fraudulent activity, everyone’s got questions — and all too often those questions are time-sensitive, as legal and regulatory requirements dictate the window available to figure out what’s happened, whether the breach is still happening, how it happened, and what’s affected. IT and infosec staff already fighting the fire may find themselves spending an untenable amount of time fielding urgent questions from legal and compliance SMEs — or, if things are truly ugly, the C-level and crisis communications.

Caliber can support your team in detecting and assessing urgent fraud and data breach situations, with an eye to preparing you to discuss facts and findings with corporate counsel as well as non-technical stakeholders such as C-levels and boards of directors. Our multi-layered detection and assessment capabilities help to communicate the facts of the situation to Legal, Internal Audit, and allied teams as they determine how to proceed. Our security data loss and breach consultants have an extraordinary range of experiences with fraud situations originating both inside and outside client companies, and they are sensitive to the logistics and documentation requirements each type of investigation entails.

Caliber Service Matrix