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Continuity & Recovery

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Continuity & Recovery

Security Incident Response

Trouble comes — not if, but when. The surest, fastest path back from a large-scale disaster, an interruption in business continuity, or an information security data loss or breach includes both planning before the fact and trusted advisors to help your company recover when trouble comes.

Our infosec security disaster and recovery consultant team is deeply versed in battle-tested, implementable disaster recovery, business continuity, and incident response planning — including practical responses to data breaches and other information security incidents. For more information on our security disaster and recovery services, team readiness and training offerings, please see the Operations page; for information on how we support you when the chips are down, read on.

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Enterprise Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and Integration Steps

When disaster strikes, businesses are often tasked not only with ensuring the safety and security of their staff, but with managing disruption and uncertainty that may stretch far beyond the company itself. Disaster recovery (DR) planning anticipates disruptions to the company’s vital business components, identifies their potential effect on downstream processes, and provides an actionable plan for recovery and restoration of vital systems and data.

For over a decade, Caliber’s security disaster recovery consultants have helped businesses to identify and quantify potential risks to clients’ tools, assets, and systems, providing crucial insight and context into specific challenges and resources. Our security disaster recovery consultants excel at planning for clients managing multiple facilities, multiple vendor relationships, on- and offsite storage and processing, and / or complex geographical considerations. The DR plans we develop with your company are tuned to your specific situation and designed to be put into practice in whole or in part as circumstances dictate. As desired, we integrate your DR plan with your Caliber-developed Business Continuity planning to ensure the highest possible degree of alignment for recovery priorities and objectives.

Enterprise Business Continuity (BC) Planning and Process | Procedures Integration

Business continuity planning is often not a sprint but a marathon — a process of managing ongoing, interlocking situations that can both disrupt mission-critical processes and undermine order and function throughout the company. A solid business continuity (BC) plan covers both line-of-business and support functions within the company and incorporates a clear-eyed cost-benefit analysis of actions and priorities.

Caliber’s business continuity consultants are experienced at guiding businesses through planning for both acute and ongoing continuity issues. Our process includes a thoughtful, holistic review of the client’s priorities, stakeholders, and procedures. Our business continuity consultants work closely with you to identify resources as well as potential gaps, and we provide written plans that can both serve as blueprints to BC recovery and provide you with insight into areas of further development as your company embraces and extends its BC competence.

As desired, we integrate your BC plan with your Caliber-developed Disaster Recovery planning to ensure the highest possible degree of alignment for continuity priorities and objectives.

Incident Response and Support

Whether due to attack or simple human error, events that harm your company’s data security are fairly inevitable. When they do, preparation can make the difference between an unpleasant day (or weekend) at the office and a company-level extinction event. Caliber incident response (IR) planning services anticipate the adverse events most likely to strike your company, and help to plan how you’ll handle it when it happens.

Since a true incident rarely stops at the door of the IT room, Caliber’s IR planning is a comprehensive, cross-organization reference guide, designed to give personnel in multiple affected departments clear, practical guidance in how to proceed. Following industry-standard NIST 800-61 IR preparation guidelines, we develop an incident response plan specific to your company and focused on the following response goals:

  • Detection and analysis of disruption and impact
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Repair and resolution
  • Documentation of findings, customer impact, regulatory issues, and potential costs

With decades of cumulative security IR consulting experience on the Caliber roster, we are well aware that security IR issues and concerns within an organization can take many forms — lack of executive buy-in, limited resources or training, and even resistance to the idea of preparing for the near-inevitable. We’ve been there and we’re ready to help you avoid the land mines.

Incident Recovery and Remediation

Whatever the circumstances under which a client finds itself in need of data recovery and remediation services, the pain and pressure are the same — understand what can be done and make it happen as smoothly and quickly as possible. When it’s time to make a data loss or breach whole again, Caliber stands ready to evaluate, advise, and our security incident recovery team is ready to assist.

As a subset of incident response, remediation and recovery involves both IT work and cooperation from various subject-matter experts, often including legal, crisis-communications, and C-level participants. Caliber incident recovery consultants are experienced in working with a wide variety of remediation-and-recovery stakeholders, helping to prioritize not only the technical but the nontechnical issues that arise as the result of a data loss or breach. On the technical side, we focus on prioritizing and facilitating recovery and restoration with clear milestones and deliverables, blocking further losses and documenting actions taken to be sure root causes are addressed. On the nontechnical side, we guide those responsible for communicating the impact and resolution of the situation in clear, precise language in order to contain and minimize the aftereffects of the situation, and to help stakeholders understand next steps.

Caliber Service Matrix