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Product Matrix

At Caliber, our consultants have managed all types and levels of information security. For our customers ease in understanding the depth and levels of cybersecurity investigation, resolution, and preventive maintenance, we have designed a visual display matrix to demonstrate the scale of operations and service modules.

In each column, the vertical axis is labeled “tactical” at the bottom to “optimizing” at the top, representing the range of organizational maturity levels at which a client typically requests those services. A startup is likely to seek services at the bottom, while an established and highly-optimized organization is likely to want those toward the top of each category.

The columns, each representing a category of services, are arranged from left-to-right in the usual order in which an organization experiences them in its overall lifecycle. Often a client’s projects in a given year will include a starting point to the left such as “entry level network security” and proceed through a few phases of other work to the right, each of which depend on the one to its left. The ends of the range represent year-over-year experiences; To the far left are foundational projects that might be of interest to a newly-started organization such as basic policies for a newly-hired CISO, and to the far right are incident handling and exits, such as a serious incident or pre-merger audit.

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