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Federal, State, and Local Government

Government The connected security infrastructure of government at local, state and federal levels, must continually improve network operational efficiency and resilience to protect critical and confidential data. The world is increasing in threats and sophisticated attacks through smart devices and sensors, especially the government sectors. The government legacy information technology systems were not initially designed with “best-in-class” defensive layers that can protect confidential information platforms. Criminals devise cyber security techniques to attack network controls, and access data which results in a negative impact on the government branches of legislation.

Our core objective, is to ensure your government entity or government interactions is secure, your employees are well-trained in security, and there’s a plan in place to quickly and effectively deal with any potential issues. Caliber Security Partners specializes in preparing for security audit prep, compliance mapping, Data Protection Officer (DPO) planning, risk register assessments, security threat modeling, vulnerability scanning and many other assessments with our government clients in mind.

At Caliber, our depth of experience and certified accomplishments validate our expertise. We meet the challenges of modern-day enterprise every day! Our information security consultants have achieved certifications in many of the credentials referenced below.

Our team has delivered outstanding work at the Local, State, and Federal levels, and our customers resolutely choose us again year after year.

Our information security consultants broad “Technology Security Certifications” and credentials include:

Information Systems Audit and Control (ISACA)

* CISM – “Certified Information Security Manager”

Technical expertise includes information security governance, program management and development, and risk and incident management controls.

* CISA “Certified Information Systems Auditor”
Technical expertise in professional information technology domains such as audits, controls, monitoring and assessment of network framework and business systems. Including business resilience and protection of information assets.

* CRISC – “Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control”
Technical expertise in identifying IT enterprise cyber risk and implementing the tactical information systems controls with follow-up maintenance.

* CGEIT – “Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT”
Technical expertise within framework strategy to access, design, implement and manage enterprise IT governance systems which are aligned with overall business goals.

* CIPM – “Certified Information Privacy Manager”
Technical expertise and ability to apply privacy and data protection practices in the development, measurable and improvement of a privacy program operational lifecycle.

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC):

* CISSP – “Certified Information Systems Security Professional”
Technical expertise targeting 10 different areas of study, with heavy concentration on the comprehensive framework for organizing security, access control systems and methodology, business continuity planning, physical security, operations and more, in addition to background qualifications and code of ethics agreement.

Caliber was founded in 2010 with the belief that the more we help people, the better our business and our community becomes. Our business approach mainly stems from our founder’s philosophy for life – hard work, honesty, and dependability. It’s not only about getting things done; it’s about getting things done right, to take care of our customer’s long-term engagements.

Caliber Security Partners is a full-service information security company, with a wide range of security services for clients with varying levels of security maturity. Contact us today!