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Financial Services

Financial Services - Information Security Banking

Finance and BankingFinancial and consumer protection regulations are continually developing and becoming more complex, which increases the risk of companies not being compliant. Caliber Security Partners is highly skilled at helping companies navigate these complex mixes of industry, local, and national regulations. We have experience working with large national and community banks, credit unions, insurers, brokerages, and other financial institutions of all sizes. Our experience means we know how to complete objectives at the right scale, without overwhelming clients with unnecessary processes and testing. We identify and resolve the most critical issues first, focusing on items that will make the biggest impact. By interpreting and prioritizing findings in the context of your business, Caliber Security Partners provides you with a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business.

We recognize being compliant is more than a task to check off, it is important to ensure that your company (and your customers) are adequately protected. Companies in the financial industry have data that is extremely valuable and sensitive. Fraud and data breaches of any kind can lead to loss of profit, as well as the loss of customer trust and loyalty.

Our core objective, is to ensure your business is secure, your employees are well-trained in security, and there’s a plan in place to quickly and effectively deal with any potential issues. Caliber Security Partners specializes in preparing for security audit prep, compliance mapping, Data Protection Officer (DPO) planning, risk register assessments, security threat modeling, vulnerability scanning and a multitude of assessments specifically designed with finance and banking information security in mind.

Services include:

  • GRC Advising & Roadmap
  • Policy, Compliance, & Business Enablers
  • Information Security Training & Awareness
  • Network & Systems Vulnerability Scan & Review
  • Applications, Mobile & Cloud Vulnerability Scan & Review
  • Applications, Mobile & Cloud Structured Assessment
  • Red & Blue Teams, Tabletops, & CTF
  • Audit Prep & Compliance Mapping
  • Privacy Compliance & DPO Planning
  • And more…