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Information Security 


“Penetration Testing – Networks & Systems”  


Caliber’s “Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing” identifies security weaknesses in your network and in the devices within the network. Our skilled penetration testing engineers thoroughly search to identify potential vulnerabilities such as improper security configurations, out of date software, missing patches, weak communication algorithms, command injection, and other similar network vulnerability items. For “Network and Infrastructure Penetration Tests” we often include the testing of firewalls, switches, virtual and physical servers, and workstations.


Penetration testing is a proactive way to discover exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems and networks. For internal and external penetration testing, it’s important to understand that basic automated testing is typically not sufficient to identify all of the major network vulnerabilities.

At Caliber, we help your organization gain a thorough understanding by using both automated and manual testing processes.  This allows us to go beyond basic testing and move into providing a more robust picture of your vulnerabilities. This information is compiled and presented to you in an actionable and relevant report that provides your organization a clear path on what to do to remediate issues, before an attacker is able to interrupt your business operations.


“Penetration Testing – Mobile and Web Application”


Mobile and web application penetration testing (Pen Test) is used to determine vulnerabilities in applications that process and/or store sensitive information.  This typically includes credit card data, “Personal Identifiable Information (PII)”, and other proprietary data. At Caliber, our team of mobile and web application security consultants, obtain access to your organization’s website applications to perform a complex battery of penetration tests. We gather sensitive information from your applications, determine where associated risks and vulnerabilities exist, and communicate all details to your staff.


Ideally, an organization should only rely on comprehensive tests of your system applications. It’s important to understand the difference between basic vulnerability testing and a highly skilled, proficient, dissected simulation.  At Caliber, our mobile and web application penetration testing methodology extends deeper than traditional penetration test companies. We provide your organization with a picture of its information security vulnerabilities. We also incorporate your company’s unique requirements and risk factors into the analysis to maximize effective testing and remediation recommendations.

Cloud “Software as a Service” (SaaS) Security

“Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) Security

 “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) Security 

Many Moving Parts and Security Risks

From strategy to testing, Caliber is your best choice for working with “Applications, Mobile and Cloud Security” consultants. One of our most valuable differentiators is our actionable and relevant reports. We interpret and prioritize the data to provide you with a roadmap to resolving issues in a way that makes sense and provides the most value to your specific business.

Cloud Based “Maturity Lifecycle” Matrix

At Caliber, our consultants have managed all types and levels of information security.


For our customers ease in understanding the depth and levels of the cybersecurity investigation, resolution, and preventive maintenance, we have designed a visual display matrix to demonstrate the scale of operations and service modules.


Our “Applications, Mobile and Cloud-Based” matrix depicts the steps within an information security program lifecycle.



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