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Colorado Protects Consumer Privacy Data

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Is your Data Architecture and Network Secure?  

The State of Colorado has placed their community of citizens and consumers first, as a core priority, as they have listened to their concerns and fears regarding their data privacy and took  action, legally.  

According to newly approved state bill SB21-190, Colorado consumers received the privilege to  opt-out of data collection by companies and websites. The Colorado top 3 state bill inclusions  address which data is collected, what purpose will the data be used for and the timeline for which  the data is held. Many industries such as healthcare and technology firms are included, however  exceptions to regulation may differ for financial institutions, dependent upon the size of the  company.  

Other states who have been trailblazers in legally supporting their citizens data privacy is Virginia  and California. All state compliance laws differ for example, Virginia (VCDPA) applies to any  business that handles records of at least 100,000 Virginia consumers.  

Now that the bill has passed, the question is, will consumers have to hunt to find the “opt out”  online link? Or contactthe company directly to “opt-out”? The cost to maintain and provide these  measures could be absorbed by the company or passed on to consumers.  

It is likely, that the data protection, compliance pattern will continue and your state may very  well be next in line toward legal compliance to advance your data network privacy to the next  level. As well as, additional layers of privacy security controls and levels of mapping due to future  legal protection amendments.  

Colorado advocates argue that this new state bill doesn’t extend far enough to thoroughly  protect the data privacy demands.  

Your state may be next! Oklahoma and Minnesota appear to be in pre-planning stages.  

For additional information regarding the newly approved, “Colorado Privacy Protection” state  bill, access this link

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